Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Today's Comic

Today's comic in the Guardian Messenger... just happened to be next to an article about me, but I loved this more!

The comic actually has more meaning to me in reflection of earlier life experiences!  How did "Clive" know??  Gotta love it..

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tribute to Chad and Rod

Chad and Rod, very very VERY HAPPY Peter Stevens boys extraordinaires... caught me up this week that they've had a view of my blog.. and noticed I have pictures of Jared, Billy and Graham.. and not them! 

Which is a very fair call, as both Chad and Rod have done so much work for my project.  Particularly Chad who really loves selling me all things KTM..!  Chad:  "SJ, You need a KTM toilet roll holder for the bike!!  It's only $690 - but for you we'll give you a discount and it will only cost $687.50!" 

SJ:  "Oh Chad, do I really need a KTM toilet roll holder for the bike?"  

Chad:  "Hell yes, nobody gets a KTM without ordering the KTM toilet roll holder, as well as the KTM toothbrush!"

SJ: "Okay, Chad, add them to my accessories list..."  

The 2 boys lovingly donated their favorite picture together.. and with that, a very special thank you for all your hard work!!


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday Paper

I was thinking that I've never been in the paper before.. But I just remembered there was a time, a loooong time ago.

I was in the 4H Club, where you join community groups of interest, and if you progress, you get to advance to the State Fair, much like your Royal Show.  I was in 6th Grade, and my interest was Dog Training.  I had a Bassett Hound called Sargeant Pepper, and we won!  So I've just remembered they had our photo in the paper!

Many years later... it's a photo of Sherri Jo and her bike.  I do hope that I win again... maybe not a trophy this time, it will be a win for me just to accomplish this goal... Look forward to it!!

Here is the link to the Saturday Paper article

Monday, 10 May 2010

Bike Augmentation Again!

Boy, this bike keeps getting bigger and bigger!  I think we have similar body shapes now!!

Yesterday my Touratech Panniers went on, and they are awesome..

Just remembered when we were taking photos down by the beach the other night, these 2 surfers pulled up in their station wagon to have a look, and one of them said, "Hey, you look like you're on a trip around the world..!"  and I laughed and said, "yes I am!", and he wondered where I started from, and I said, "Dude, haven't left yet, I start from here!"  

And that was without panniers.. if only he could see me now!  

Thanks again to R & V Aqualine and Touratech for their roles and discounts in getting these panniers.  They will make organizing my gear so much easier!

And thanks again to Peter Stevens Motorcycles at Morphett Vale.  Again they sponsored the labor, and I can not thank them enough!   

And then there is Billy and Graham - much like the Reverand himself!  Thanks guys!

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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Oh Dear, I Broke a Fingernail..

Yep, it's true.. Pinky finger nail right off..

Today I had some training with Sam.  What a big day it was!!  The intention was for some dirt roads, and Sam knows how to deliver!

I guess I should start off by a long ride up the big hill out of Adelaide early this morning in very thick fog and rain.  My visor was a foggy mess on the inside as well with every little breath I took.  So I made my way with open helmet.  Not bad, felt kind of good - until the drops of rain got a bit bigger!

Met Sam up in a small town for a quick tea/coffee and headed out.   Fog was clear up this way  - thank goodness!

Hadn't been on the dirt roads in over a month, and even with some slipping and sliding I enjoyed it.  It's quite a physical and mental challenge, always making adjustments and knowing when to let go and let the bike made adjustments for you.  Stand up or sit down?  In that path or the other side? Faster or slower?  Rear brake or front brake?

Made it off the dirt roads onto some properties full of sheep and kangaroos.  (I love it when the baby lambs are running and do a flying leap on all fours out of fear or excitement!)  Lots of gates to go through - so glad that Sam knew the way!!

I just love it out on the farms.  I could so easily live out there - I might sneak back in there tonight!

Anyway, once past the farms, and back onto the road, Sam challenged me to a very very steep hill.  Very curvy/windey, with a huge drop off on the side.. Don't look over the edge Sherri Jo, keep your eyes on the road!  Made it to the bottom without hassle and then we went to the top and did it again!  This time I experimented on whether it felt better to sit or stand on the way down, and I prefer standing.

Once this was conquered I could see a road with cars and thought we were on the home stretch.. but no! Sam had a better idea to put me through one more challenge.  A scrapy slippery path next to the railroad line.  It had really deep ruts with lovely soft sand at the bottom.

I was feeling confident and somewhat in control.. until, well.. I wasn't in control..  Hit the rut and sand wrong and down I went pretty hard - and onto some really large rocks.  You know how those things happen in slow motion?  I was almost horizontal but still moving and my head aimed straight for this big rock, it was very clear and seemed so slow -  and then clunck!!  Another mistake I made at this point was still holding onto the handebar/throttle, so I gave it a good whirl even thought we were already flat.

My pivot pegs now include portable dirt and garden - maybe I can grow lettuce in there while I travel!

That's what training is for!!  To learn from!  Amongst many many things I learned today, I am so confident knowing how good my protective gear is.  Helmet did it's job, gloves did their job, strong boots did their job (you can see from the last picture where my leg hit the rock, big plastic shin guard inside my boot saved the day), and of coarse the Rukka gear.. all of whom got a bit damaged, but I did not!  Oh yes, but I did break a nail...

Anyway, that was my big day out.. Thanks again to Sam the Savior.  He is an excellent trainer!!!!
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Sunday, 2 May 2010

A good Day out with new Rukka gear

Popped down the road for a bite to eat, and took the opportunity for some photos with my good friend Robert.  Thought I would show you my new riding gear from Rukka!

Needless to say, I love it!

Safari Tank Sponsor-desktop.m4v

Showing off my new Safari Fuel Tank sponsored by R & V Aqualine!!