Friday, 30 November 2012

Very sad news

After a long couple of days riding around the dirt roads of Chile on the 990, we found a little cabin to stay in for the night before turning back to Santiago in the morning.

I had just said at lunch time with the boys that I hadn't heard from Kevin in a couple days. Not totally unexpected.  I know where Kevin is and I know where he is going.  Bolivia is the poorest country in all of South America, so it's most likely a case of just not having internet in the hostel he is staying.

I told Walter and Barton about a strong dream I had last night.

In my dream I walked into a large 2 story hostel.  I looked upstairs to an open area and I saw Kevin talking to two girls, a blonde and a brunette.  I remember in my dream I should go up, but instead I felt a bit jealous and walked straight into our room on the first floor and shut the door.  It was one of those dreams that caused me to open my eyes right then.

After that dream I was worried I have been away too long and the dream must be that he is picking up a couple of young girls in a hostel..!

When we settled down in the cabin, I got on my computer, and straight away scanned my emails and facebook.. Nothing from Kevin again! This is day 3!! Now, I'm actually a bit ticked off.  My dream must be true about the hostel girls.

A few messages down there was one from a name I do not know.  I opened it and it said, "Sherri, we are friends of Kevin Irvine.  Could you contact us about some news."  And they gave their phone number.

I looked at Walter and Barton, read the message out loud, and told them, "this can't be good.  I hope whatever it is, he is okay."

I did not have earphones, I apologized to the guys and said, I have to call on skype right now, sorry it will be an out loud conversation.

They looked concerned and said go for it.

I called, and as you can probably guess, it was devastating news.

Kevin was killed on his motorcycle in Bolivia.

His friends didn't have any other news.  This was all they could tell me.  They wanted to ask me if anybody was with him if I knew anything at all.  Of course I didn't.  As of three days ago, he was still traveling alone, but there is always a chance he could have met some riders up there.

I suggested I get to Santiago and on an airplane to Bolivia straight away.  I hated that he was there alone.  But they told me the accident was two days ago and they would be shipping his body back to Canada within hours.  There is no way I can physically get there in time.

There was nothing I could do.........

I hung up and thank God Walter and Barton are here with me now........ they really looked after me from this point on.

So I guess my dream was actually true.  Kevin is "upstairs", and he was talking to two angels.  I am still downstairs, where I walk into a room and shut the door.. alone.

A tragic ending to the life of the most wonderful man, I still can't believe it.  For the blog I've put together a few photos/memories of our time together.  As I've put them on the wall, I think to myself,  "Kevin, I will miss you forever.  We had so much FUN.. always, every single day! I feel so lucky to spend these last few months with you. What an awesome life you had. Until we meet again....."


  1. I can't tell you, SJ, how very truly sorry I am that you lost such a special friend. Kevin will forever hold a spot in heart and mind... always.

  2. Deeply saddened to hear of Kevin's crash. Although I never met him I feel like I knew him well from your posts and will miss his adventurous fun loving spirit as I am sure you do also. Belated condolences to you and all your friends on the road.
    Allan in Tasmania.

  3. Liebe SherriJo, es tut mir sehr Leid um Kevin. Ich will Dir hiermit mein allertiefstes Beileid ausdrücken.

  4. Sheri
    such sad news! a tragic loss and stark reminder to ride as safe as you can and savour the moment, I've enjoyed following your travels since I heard you in Nakusp. In a couple days I'm headed for a ride down the baja. I will be hinking of you and of Kevin..take care, Vic