Friday, 25 June 2010

Thank You Nagahara Family!! Nagano Prefecture Japan

One of the greatest places I found early in my trip planning is a website called "Horizon's Unlimited"..

Here I met Hiroyuki Nagahara and he offered lots of great advice for my travel through Japan.  He is a keen motorcycle adventurist and has traveled many countries in the world.  In fact, his honeymoon with wife Midori lasted 15 months on motorcycle as they explored Russia, Turkey, Krzykstan, Africa and much more.  

Anyway!  Hiroyuki, Midori and their gorgeous daughter invited me to visit Nagano Prefecture and stay in their home.  And how grateful I am, and what an amazing experience for me!!

I was struggling a bit, as you know from recent blogs... I have never been to an Asian country before.  Now that I have learned so much from this family... lifestyle, culture, food etc., I feel much more equipped to tackle the rest of the country over the next 10 days.

Right after I arrived, the children were outside playing. I do not speak Japanese, so I find with most chilldren, that making silly faces does the trick.. and it did!  Universal Language!!

They all have lots to say to me, and they were such fun, but I didn't understand a word!.. So I just say "hai", meaning yes.. and I think they think I understand and they move on...

Hiroyuki, Midori and Fumika... time to go to bed!!  Sleepy girl... such a little sweetheart, I am trying to get a video uploaded on Youtube of the song she sang for us, no luck yet, I will keep trying.. it is too cute!

I really like the simplicity of Japanese lifestyle.  Classic clean matts on the floor and sliding rice paper doors.  

I also notice a lot in their neighborhood, how close in proximity everyone lives, yet it is so peaceful!

No doof doof music, quiet streets, only one lane, barely any space between houses, it all seems to work really well!  And the gardens!!!  I'm impressed..

Next day we are off to school or day care...  Fumika says she wants to stay home and play with me instead!  Mum told her "Sherri San" has to go to work today and we can play when we get home...  ha!

Now I have got lots to show you, where we went, what food I ate, etc..  but it's late and I will try to catch up some tomorrow.. in the meantime,  I really want to thank the Nagahara family.. they are amazingly hospitable and helpful beyond anything what I would expect... what they showed me, gave me, and taught me will make my time in Japan even better!!!
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