Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tribute to Chad and Rod

Chad and Rod, very very VERY HAPPY Peter Stevens boys extraordinaires... caught me up this week that they've had a view of my blog.. and noticed I have pictures of Jared, Billy and Graham.. and not them! 

Which is a very fair call, as both Chad and Rod have done so much work for my project.  Particularly Chad who really loves selling me all things KTM..!  Chad:  "SJ, You need a KTM toilet roll holder for the bike!!  It's only $690 - but for you we'll give you a discount and it will only cost $687.50!" 

SJ:  "Oh Chad, do I really need a KTM toilet roll holder for the bike?"  

Chad:  "Hell yes, nobody gets a KTM without ordering the KTM toilet roll holder, as well as the KTM toothbrush!"

SJ: "Okay, Chad, add them to my accessories list..."  

The 2 boys lovingly donated their favorite picture together.. and with that, a very special thank you for all your hard work!!


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